Learn about Multiple Myeloma


Multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a debilitating and incurable cancer in which uncontrolled proliferation of white blood cells leads to excessive amounts of non-functional antibodies (paraprotein) being producing in the body. Most of the medical problems related to myeloma are caused by the build-up of these abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow and the presence of the paraprotein in the blood. Bone disease can affect up to 90% of myeloma patients, leading to fractures and severe pain, while excessive paraprotein can lead to multiple organ failure.

The disease has no cure, and side effects of current treatments can be severe, including peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain) and osteonecrosis (bone damage). A treatment providing long-lasting and deep tumor suppression with the added benefit of minimising bone disease and toxic side effects should be a very welcome addition in the arsenal against this disease. For additional links to learn about multiple myeloma, including support groups, please see Myeloma UK and the International Myeloma Foundation