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Iceni Pharmaceuticals launches as new company focusing on repurposing therapies in the field of oncology

25th May 2016, EDINBURGH, UK – Iceni Pharmaceuticals announces its launch as a new company, focusing on developing repurposed and reformulated cancer therapies. The company’s lead product Cilcane® (generic name cilengitide) …

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Iceni Pharmaceuticals announces appointment of cilengitide inventor Prof. Dr. Horst Kessler to its Scientific Advisory Board

Edinburgh, UK. 2 April 2016. Iceni Pharmacuticals, an oncology drug development company announced today that Prof Dr Horst Kessler has joined its Scientific Advisory Board.
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Iceni Pharmaceuticals parent company BigDNA Ltd announces completion of internal funding round

Edinburgh, UK. 1 March 2016. BigDNA Ltd, parent organisation of oncology drug development company Iceni Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has completed a £0.5M investment round from internal shareholders, including London-based Imprimatur Capital and the Scottish Investment Bank.
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